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    for a shared life


    Founded in 2020 by Estela, Goiuri and Maria. Lama The Lab is the result of a shared dream. Lifelong friends decide to create a fashion and lifestyle brand that reflects their curiosity, passions and interests. Each piece is created to transcend current trends and become a well-curated wardrobe for modern women.

    Lama The Lab designs in the Basque Country and produces mainly in Barcelona. We are sure that to survive in these challenging times, our responsibility is to be open and transparent in what we do. We are committed to the environment and the people. And that is why all our designs are manufactured using sustainable textiles in local workshops that respect the worker and the planet.

    We are not just a fashion brand. We seek to innovate and support local artists through our work. We aim to communicate to the world our values and our basque culture. We want to empower women and become a go-to brand in their daily lives. Lama The Lab is our means of communicating, the place where we value our traditions, friendships, the planet, and above all, the people. We want to be there with you at every stage of your life.

    Welcome to Lama The Lab.