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    Garment care

    Remember that it is important to read very carefully the specific recommendations of each item that we purchase. In this section, we explain in detail how to take care of your garments so that they can extend their life and continue to use them for years.


    Organic Cotton garments

    Our Banako t-shirt, Pikis sweatshirt and Agintari shopper bag are produced using organic cotton. Here is how to take care of them:

    • Wash them in cold water or up to 30°C.
    • If you use the washing machine, use short delicate programs.
    • Avoid the use of bleach and aggressive detergents.
    • Wash the back garments inside out, both to wash and dry them, so you protect their colour and texture better. It is also preferable to place them in the shade when drying.
    • Try to dry them outdoors, avoiding using the dryer machine.


    Sustainable viscose

    Sustainable viscose garments need specific washing care. To wash our Agintari shirt you have to do the following:

    • Try washing it by hand with cold water and using a delicate detergent.
    • Do not wring out the garment.
    • If you are cleaning it in the washing machine, protect the garment with a cloth bag. And use a delicate program.
    • After washing it, shake the garment and gently remove moisture.
    • Do not use the dryer machine!
    • If you want to iron the shirt do it when it's a bit wet.



    Cupro is a very versatile and durable material. The care for this fibre is very simple. To wash your Batido skirt, follow the instructions:

    • Wash it in a delicate program.
    • It is recommended to let them air dry on a perch.



    Silk is a natural material that requires specific care. Extend the life of our accessories Lau Arin, Arin and Soka with proper care:

    • Wash your clothes by hand with cold water and use a delicate detergent.
    • Gently shake the garment in the water and drain it without twisting it.
    • Dry the garment outside without directly placing it under the sun.
    • Iron the garment without steam and at minimum temperature.